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The cluttered mess of my mind

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Todays Tweets
Full Throttle Freedom

00:34 Hmm uploading themes from my MacBook to my slice ... at a whopping 10k a second. WTF?

11:01 @uliwitness oh hope so, seriously looking forward to an updated one.

12:11 @aggroboy Thats very nice of him, see Xmas brings out the niceness in most :)

12:30 @IanRobinson While I like Countdown I do find Maddow's style much more appealing. Hence I have a weeks backlog of Countdown, not Maddow :)

12:39 @MacHeist Thanks for the Giving Tree, its great to have the desktop version of Enigmo 2 (bought iPhone version)

12:46 Gah, why is it that ones of the Wordpress themes that most appeals to me is a taking inspiration from Vista tinyurl.com/9w6aat

14:02 LiveJournal doesn't make it easy to export my old blog. I accept a month at a time makes a bit easier on their servers, but its painful.

14:08 @IanRobinson Thanks, I had wondered what was a good offline blogging tool. Marsedit wasn't taking my fancy. Will checkout Ecto & MacJournal

14:17 @IanRobinson *chuckles* Go do your stairs mate!

15:58 @the_dream Cool, be nice to see more pics of it though. That single screenshot doesn't really tell me a lot.

16:51 Agh I hate have a word in my head that i want to use but not remembering how to spell it.

18:08 Strongly considering the @AmbrosiaSW bundle. Darwina is something I've considered before. SketchFighter looks like pencil XPilots :)

19:32 Those are Xmas stockings on their feet twitpic.com/umeg

19:37 Tree up, bob & i currently putting lights on. Kids want to help but aren't :) twitpic.com/umh9

19:39 @gbd a little yes, ours cost 44€ so previous pic for size

20:29 Bob putting kids to bed, I am trying to sort to sets of coloured lights around the tree. My favourite and least favourite bit. Never perfect

20:34 @eridius It was a game I always meant to pickup for the PC but never did (wanted CD, not off Steam). $19 is a steal for it.

20:35 Ack just realised Time Machine is off and its been a month exactly since the last backup. *shakes head* MUPPET!

20:59 A lit tree (in dark) twitpic.com/unpv

21:01 A lit tree (lit room) ... twitpic.com/unqz

21:02 Bah Humbug, nether @tweetie or TwitterFon seem to allow multpile pictures in a tweet.

21:09 *laughs* just tweeted about TwitterFon and lo I have now been followed by @TwitterFon. Don'tcha just love Bots.

22:17 @wilshipley She looks very hot, you should take another with the glasses & jewelry you mentioned :)

22:21 @gbd I had wondered about trying to join that test, realized I didn't have the time :( be interested to hear your thoughts on it

22:31 @the_dream wondered if they where doing that; I had dropped from 800 to 141

22:42 @the_dream I had 3 days of serious spam, new spam follower every few minutes. V depressing & annoying.

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