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The cluttered mess of my mind

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Todays Tweets
Full Throttle Freedom

07:00 @schottac sadly no. 10 years ago yes.

10:56 Sending my thoughts on something and hoping I won't upset anyone. You can never tell how someone will take what you write.

11:10 @pilky Legally they are allowed to start from something like 7am here. That is too early, esp when cutting down a tree next door

11:47 So fax from hospital perscribes 40mg of a drug and local doctor decides to give me 20mg version instead basically suggesting they are wrong

11:48 Even though he hasn't seen what they saw or the biopsy results. Going to get wife to phone hospital later to see what they say about this

11:49 Me, I'm not happy about it.

12:52 @iWork Agreed. V'frustrating, and I only know because I have a copy of the letter from the hospital.

14:44 Finally a copy of "A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa" has turned up. Quite enjoying it so far, though a couple voices need work still :)

14:49 @gbd it's Pantozol for controlling acid in stomach / asophygus (sp)

15:05 @gbd inclined to agree with you. Waiting to see outcome of wife phoning hospital.

15:11 @eske your allowed to be out the loop :) you have a great excuse. Getting better slowly, getting over cold so energy coming back slowly.

17:00 @manton never happen but I would love Schiler to come on stage and be silent for 5 minutes ... Well at least 2 :) just to take the Mick

17:34 @eridius I though originally it was hardware but that really sucks they tied it to a particular model. Another reason I dislike Sony

18:56 @AmazingSyco call me surprised! Loved the claim that without the lawsuits piracy would have been worse. Bzzt no don't think so.

18:57 @AmazingSyco certainly in my case until content providers are willing to deal globally there will be some things I pirate. Like US iTunes

18:59 @AmazingSyco music exclusives. I would love to pay to buy Michael Giacchino's end title track from Roar! but it's an iTunes US exclusive

19:29 @macdevnet not good. Was it just a backup drive? Keep hearing to many bad stories about those things.

19:59 Amazed at how white the my beard is around my neck, tried to take some photos but they dont really capture it. Off to shave :)

20:10 @greggrunberg Great mission, I wish more in the world did these sort of nice things. I think some people would be a bit friendlier

20:12 @macdevnet I can understand that, once you get used to using / having the backup, it makes you very wary when its missing.

20:26 @greggrunberg Your website is kinda broken. Going to www.greggrunberg.com gives a Plesk error page but adding /index.php works great

20:29 Thinking of suggestions for @macdevnet

20:31 @IanRobinson Neat, been a long time since my beard did that.

20:42 Enjoying listening to @greggrunberg speaking about his past tinyurl.com/3v7949

21:22 @breagrant What did you think of the Muppets Special?

21:24 @ejacqui Only once, someone who happened to go to the same university as me but I had never met.

21:31 @borkware Gah, that site just caused my Safari to die

22:41 Is there a good free equivalent to Expandrive?

23:07 @uliwitness Oh noes! :(

23:21 @kevinhoctor In honour of shaving & losing 12kg's, yeah :) Was hoping to have uploaded a couple of before and after photos ... not quite yet

23:25 To answer my own question, Macfusion www.macfusionapp.org/ is a gui for MacFuse. Slightly sluggish compared to Expandrive but works.

23:30 Whoa, Trackmania is 5 years old? Boy does time fly ... tinyurl.com/499mqp

00:07 Neat, my wifes Xmas do at Hapag Lloyd had a performance from Jennifer Rush (Power Of Love).

00:12 About the only time I am going to do this, a couple of photos of me, 3 months ago, today before & post shaving blog.tarasis.net/

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