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The cluttered mess of my mind

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Todays Tweets
Full Throttle Freedom

10:03 Disappointed not to be able to find last nights "A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa" anywhere. Hopefully later.

10:33 @TheMacMommy Thanks, glad to know I am not the only one interested in it :) Yeah came out on Monday evening. Very tired, plus now got cold.

21:37 @IanRobinson nah, have a friend who gave up IT for studying Neuroscience at age early 40's

22:15 Bah went to Tuaw website for Simcity review via RSS feed, caused MobileSafari to lockup and trigger the iPhones hardware watchdog.

22:45 Curious recently when activity monitor is open on the dock (showing memory) but no open window the app pmTool has been using 0 to 10% cpu.

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