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The cluttered mess of my mind

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Todays Tweets
Full Throttle Freedom

09:31 @uliwitness Nope, only the docsets are docs for other things. Total of 15 pdf's, mostly for tools (shark, saturn, BigTop) and some others

09:41 @dtm3dd @kevinhocter You sure I though he meant have a drink every time a Bing Crosby song came on.

11:05 @arepty Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

11:17 @arepty That is scary, not something I would EVER imagine calling a child.

15:49 @kevinhoctor big congrats to you both! Hope you've both managed to be able to spend the day together

18:43 @CocoaSamurai just make sure any pagers, mobiles and other phones are all turned off so that nobody could possible get a hold of you.

18:48 @CocoaSamurai it's been dead for a while though, been ages since any new releases. Web is easier for them but worse for us due to Flash

19:36 Hmm thats twice my MacBook has now run out of power, rather than Sleep or go into the disk based Suspend mode. What gives?

19:44 @cassarani According to iStat Pro, its 466 cycles & 100% health. (slightly disbelieving of that figure)

19:45 @MRRSoftware That is v odd. I noticed a couple of times that the little led on the power connector wasn't lit when it should have been.

19:49 @MRRSoftware No this is an old Late 2006 MB (bough Jan 2007)

19:49 @mdhughes Ahh, sadly this is an old MB. Late 2006 (bought Jan 2007)

19:51 @mdhughes BTW Thanks for the pointer to pmset

19:55 @mdhughes *laughs* I am in Germany, I don't think we have an Genius Bar's here. Will have to keep an eye on it and poss get a new battery

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