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The cluttered mess of my mind

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Todays Tweets
Full Throttle Freedom

11:22 Plus side of illness, now 77.7KG (12st 3 Pounds), so BMI finally back into normal range at 23.3 (normal 18.5 - 24.9)

13:04 @bdudney how much have your comrades in arms goteft to do?

16:09 Wondering if I have any photos for this high school pic meme. If I do I'll have to iSight it :)

16:10 @bdudney excellent :) don't burn youselves out though!

19:21 I don't know much about baseball but this game appeals to me & it has a Mac version! tinyurl.com/6sx2ut

19:45 1/2: Managed to see a copy of the Cliff Richard Time Machine tour dvd. Really wished that I could have been there to see it live. Few can

19:45 2/2: claim to have had a hit in each of the last 5 decades.

22:24 @macdonst Thanks, only need to survive 3 days till wife off work for week. Lost about 22lbs (10kg) so far.

22:55 @ejacqui Whoa, thats a surprise and also that it will be Phil Schiller to do the last one as well.

22:55 I wonder, with this being Apples last Macworld, if it will basically start to signal the demise of the event.

22:59 Wondering if there is any easy way to download all the Cocoa related pdf guides from Apples Developer website,or if someones already done it

23:00 Ideally I'd love to be able to print them for offline study & for sticking them onto my iPhone.

23:02 @pbur Before my time I guess, wasn't aware there had been another MacWorld event.

23:24 @IanRobinson of course, well at least it males the trip extra special for you :)

23:27 @IanRobinson I know but offline reading is easier and has less distractions but would be a heck of a waste of paper. Even 4 pages per sheet

23:29 @andy_matuschak if I could it'd be the saxaphone.

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