Full Throttle Freedom


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The black lump at the top of the slide there is one of our four cats,

Toby had told me the cat was climbing up and I assumed he was joking.
Thankfully I managed to catch a snap before she jumped down.

The white is a mix of snow and frost. Very cold here at the moment.
Full Throttle Freedom


Started a blog at http://blog.tarasis.net, have managed 4 posts so far. My intention is to see if I manage to continue posting there and if I do then I will swap my "offical" blogging home from here to there.

I enjoyed using LiveJournal over the years but I haven't been great at blogging and with some of the way that LJ seems to be going I don't feel great about continuing to live here.

I did manage to downgrade my account from Plus to Basic but I had to dig to find the option page. Not good enough, nor is the fact that it doesn't mention on the primary page that Plus is ad supported, you have to go into another page to find it.
Full Throttle Freedom

Don't upgrade to a Plus Account

Bugger didn't pay attention and upgraded my "Basic" account to a Plus account, blinded by the free bit, I didn't realise that it was going to plaster an ad onto the top of my blog.

I may not post to it often but I resent the Ad being there. Not enough to pay for it to be removed, more inclined to just move it off site.